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Dirt Bike


  1. Per 40CFR 85.1703 ROKON off-road motorcycles  do not meet the definition of a motor vehicle and do not have mountings that allow it to be legally modified to be a highway motorcycle. Specifically,

  2. The headlight is not DOT compliant and lacks a high/low beam feature.

  3. There is no horn or controller/switch for a horn.

  4. There is no mounting of turn signals. There is no option or place to mount turn signals.

  5. There is no wiring harness and controller offered or onboard that would be capable of operating turn signals or a horn.

  6. DOT tires are not present. We use off road ATV tires.

  7. The labels marking the bike lack the statements required by the NHTSA to indicate our off road bikes to be street legal. The EPA required label states clearly that the bike is off road only.

  8. There is no speedometer or odometer.

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