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Get the best of pre-owned Rokon




The Trail-Breaker’s classic design is a perfect blend of functionality and ease of use. Known for their ability to go anywhere, Trail-Breakers have been used by the United States’ Armed Forces, Forest Service, Fish and Game officers in some 25 states, countless big game hunters, trail builders, farmers, ranchers, and even treasure hunters. Since 1960, the Trail-Breaker has set the standard for Rokon.


A pre-owned bike is 
just what you need

Rokon of Colorado is the premier source for pre-owned off-road motorcycles. Our bikes are designed to tackle the toughest terrain and provide riders with an incredibly reliable and exciting ride. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are passionate about off-road bikes, and are always willing to share their expertise and experience.We are proud to offer a wide selection of pre-owned off-road motorcycles, parts, and accessories. Get everything you need with us! We're happy to help you with all of your off road needs.

A pre-owned bike can get the job done just like it's new.

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